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The Wedding #Hashtag

19th January 2016

Are you worried that mobile phones will ruin your big day?

Many have argued that any special moment within our lives is lost the moment that we experience it behind a phone screen. A friend of mine once gave some of the greatest advice I have ever taken on board –

‘No matter where you are in the world, always take at least 15 seconds to fully appreciate a new place or moment before your fingers begin to reach for your camera or phone.’


Phone at Wedding


…Unfortunately, not everyone has this mentality.

Wedding guests are perhaps more focused on getting the perfect selfies, rather than fully embracing the occasion… and leaving the photographer to work his magic!

Then there’s the temptation to take a moment to sneakily browse your newsfeed whilst your phone is in hand and unlocked – it is a habit for most. Does your cousin really need to see her friend’s smoothie Instagram snap whilst the bride and groom are saying their I Do’s?

But don’t panic. There’s a way to put this nuisance to good use.




Wedding hashtags are an enormous trend in recent days and have been used to capture these events in a way that can be shared easily with the world through Instagram. It is a fantastic solution for the 21st century to harness this technology to the newlyweds’ advantage.

Deborah Cicurel, who beautifully tied the knot in Paris 2015, decided to use her own wedding hashtag and was amazed by the result…


Wedding Hashtag


“As much as it seems romantic to ban phones at weddings, realistically, everyone is surgically attached to them, so when planning our wedding, we decided to embrace that fact and created our own wedding hashtag.”

“The rationale behind this was so we could see everyone’s special moments from the day – what they were doing before we walked down the aisle, what the cocktails were like, who was throwing the best shapes on the dance floor.”

“So much of your big day goes by in a blur, so it’s special to be able to have the memories of it all on Instagram – and in the actual physical wedding album too!” – Deborah Cicurel

…So maybe it’s time to consider a quirky hashtag for your wedding day. Have it printed on your menus or table place cards; frame the message and display it on tables; even write it in chalk on a black board by the entrance. There’s many ways for you to get creative and encourage friends and family to keep those photos flowing!



Deborah - wedding hashtag

Deborah - wedding hashtag