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‘Relax, Take it Easy’ – Tips to unwind from Wedding-Planning Stress

6th September 2016

Never underestimate the power of a good bath. Admittedly, I’ve lived my life as a shower-girl. The idea of having a bath always seemed to be nice up until the 5 minutes in when I begin to sweat, have 100 things playing on my mind and become so fidgety that I’m out quicker than the time it took me to prepare the damn thing.

That is until I realised that I was going about everything the wrong way. And perhaps if you were agreeing with what I was just saying, then you probably have been too.

If you want to enjoy that all-relaxing soak in the rub that you’ve imagined, you should do it correctly. Having a bath should be treated like meditation ritual: set the scene and the rest will follow. So here are my top tips for how you can really unwind from wedding-planning stress with a simple and underestimated bath.

  1. Bubble bath:  It doesn’t matter too much which one you go for, but I would recommend Lush products. A trip to a Lush store in itself is a great experience for the senses and ….. (a bath bomb)


  1. Candles: Candles are extremely calming and if they’re scented, then even better. Lay a few out around the edge of the bath and turn off that harsh light. Immediately the calming effects will kick in. Candles are known as religious and spiritual for a reason. Focusing on the soft flame helps to reduce stress and aid self-awareness.


  1. Invest in an oil burner: Similar to candles, but that extra step towards pure bliss. Burning some essential oil is a little piece of heaven. The scents are just like being in a luxury spa and even a few drops go a long way.


  1. Embrace the meditation music: I absolutely love finding yoga and meditation playlists on Spotify, but even YouTube will do the trick. It seemed corny at first to start playing this, but it really does work wonders! As you focus on the sounds, you will notice your muscles beginning to release and the worries about every little detail in life fade out.


  1. Temperature: This is an important factor. Getting into a boiling hot bath and exit looking like a lobster may seem all well and good, but if you’re like me and your body doesn’t enjoy the intense heat, then perhaps you should go for a more comfortable temperature. If you can get in at a moderate speed without having to slowly ease yourself into the water, then you’re onto a winner. Not only will you be saved from looking like a boiled crustacean, but you will be able to spend a lot longer enjoying some ‘me’ time.


  1. A glass of wine never hurt anyone: I wouldn’t say that I’m a casual drinker during weekdays when I’m home alone, but having some chilled white wine ready in the fridge is perfect for a bath. A touch of alcohol will help you to chill out, the cool taste of the wine is even more refreshing whilst your body is submerged in hot water, and of course, you look and feel like you’ve just rolled off the set of Sex and the City. Spoil yourself!


  1. If it’s not to do with you, then it isn’t welcome: We spend far too much time wondering what everyone else is doing in the world, flicking through our social media newsfeed. Stop, turn your phone off and pick up a good book! I absolutely adore a good crime thriller and you know it’s a good book when the bath water is freezing by the time you leave! Brrr!!


These 7 steps will ensure that you’re all ready for the next session of Wedding planning! You will have a clear head and suddenly all those little things you were worrying about will seem very small.