Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes a lot of planning to ensure that your big day really is everything you ever dreamed it would be. So that is why we have created two helpful tools to make your planning a little less stressful, and much more successful.

The Brides Guide to Wedding Planning & Budgeting

Our Brides Guide to Wedding Planning & Budgeting is an essential document. With great advice from industry professionals, hints and tips. It is the perfect accompaniment to our excel Wedding Planning spreadsheet which is free to download. The Wedding Planner will prove an invaluable tool to help you budget for your dream wedding, helping you decide what it will cost, how you will pay for your wedding and how much you need to save in order to afford all the wonderful touches you have dreamed up.

Unlike other Wedding Day Planners our planner has everything you need all in one place to help you plan your savings, budget, order of the day, guest list, photography and more…

Wedding Savings Planner Tab

Planning for your wedding budget is a vitally important process. Everyone’s situation is different, but keeping an eye on your finances can avoid disappointment and many an argument. There are two ways you can do this. You can either

  • Start by deciding how much you want to spend or how much you can save thereby letting you know how much you can spend, or;
  • You may want to use the Wedding Budget Planner to see how much your dream wedding will cost and then work out how much you need to save to bring it to fruition.

Whichever method you choose, check your finances regularly to keep your budget on track.

To use the Wedding Savings Planner firstly set your ideal total wedding budget and a date for your wedding – giving you a handy countdown. Then, simply work out how much money you currently have and fill in your current savings with any additional contributions, such as credit cards and family.

Set your monthly savings target and as you progress through the months leading up to your wedding, add to the spreadsheet how much you actually saved. Ensure you stay on target by checking cell F5!

Wedding Budget Planner Tab

Use the wedding budget planner in conjunction with the wedding savings planner tab. Your total budget and your wedding date will automatically pull across from the first tab.
Start by adding the percentage figures for each area of spend (i.e. cell E12): ceremony, reception, attire, transportation, gifts, rings, flowers, entertainment, photography and stationery. This will then let you know how much you have available to spend in each category.

Plan your budget in the ‘start budget’ column and track what you have paid in the column next to it. This will then highlight if you have saved money, or overspent.


Wedding Planning Timeline

The wedding planning tab is a simple timeline to guide you through the wedding planning process. Don’t worry if you have missed a date or action as some may not even apply. It is good though to make a plan. Use this tab as a working document and change it as necessary by adding or removing your own actions. Hint: Check out the Elegant Inspiration blog for great ideas and remember to enjoy the wedding planning process!

Inspirational Wedding Ideas

Talking of inspirational wedding ideas, make sure you keep notes of anything you like the look of on this tab – there’s nothing worse than seeing lots of great ideas and then forgetting where you found them.

Wedding Photograph List

Great photographs are an essential part of your wedding day. They will help provide visual reminder in the years ahead to accompany the wonderful memories you have of your wedding day. This tab outlines a number of potential wedding photo ideas you may want to capture. You’ll need to consider, what style of photography you want, formal, informal, or reportage. This will have a big impact on the photographs you want at the end of the day and the ones you need to plan. Take a look at our wonderful wedding photographers.

Order of Service

We know everybody’s wedding day is different and so it should be. It’s your day and you need to make sure that it runs how you want it to. This tab provides a guide to some of the things you might want to consider both before and on your big day. Update the below and share it with your maid of honour and other notable people to ensure that everything runs like clockwork. It could make the day that little bit less stressful.

Guest Tracker

Use this tab to ensure no-one is forgotten and you can clearly track everyone’s contact details and whether they have confirmed their attendance all in one place!

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