Penguin Experience Proposal
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Penguin Experience Proposal
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A Penguin Proposal at Edinburgh Zoo

25th February 2016

February: The month of L.O.V.E. Romance is in the air, cupid has his bow and arrow ready for Valentine’s day and let’s not forget the heaps of chocolate, champagne and Marvin Gaye to seal the deal. And where there is romance, there are also a large number of new engagements emerging.

An animal lover got the wedding proposal of her dreams when her boyfriend got down on one knee – surrounded by Edinburgh’s world-famous penguins. Edinburgh News tells us more.

Penguin Experience - Animal Lovers

The couple were enjoying a week in Scotland and visited the zoo on Monday having signed up for the Penguin Experience which allows visitors behind the scenes with the Antarctic birds.
Lianne, a teacher from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, was stunned when Martin Edwards got down on one knee on the bridge at penguin rock and popped the question.

Along with a diamond ring he presented a pebble inscribed with the words: “Will you marry me?” In the penguin world, the male tries to impress his intended mate by presenting her with the biggest pebble he can manage.


Lianne wrote: “Now I’ve managed to stop crying and get off the phone…Martin planned the most amazing day.

“After going on a penguin walk, feeding penguins and ending up on a bridge surrounded by penguins, he passed me a pebble asking me to marry him and got down on one knee.

“Possibly the happiest girl in the world right now. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal than that.”

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The ‘perfect stone’ Martin gave Lianne. Picture: Lianne Stephanie/Facebook