How to choose your wedding ring - platinum, palladium or white gold
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How to choose your wedding ring - platinum, palladium or white gold
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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

9th February 2016

Don’t forget the ring! Choosing your wedding rings is one of the most important decisions to make during your wedding planning – arguably, second to the venue. The ring is with you for life, so it is important to make sure it is perfect, and of course, timeless. So we have teamed up with fine jeweller, Steven Charles Quance, to provide some expert knowledge and help guide you along the way!


The key to choosing a ring is often focused initially on the woman and the jewellery that she already chooses to wear. There is no point in buying anything too colossal if she doesn’t naturally choose this style for other pieces of jewellery.

It is also crucial that the wedding band and the engagement ring work together as a set. It must look like they have been bought at the same time and naturally complement each other… and this can sometimes be easier said than done. To achieve a ‘match made in heaven’ jewellers can create a wax model of the wedding ring and work from that. When working with precious metals, any mistake can be an expensive one: a mistake that neither the couple nor the jeweller wish to make!

The wax model gives something tangible to test and try on, giving an idea of the look, the weight and offers the client an opportunity to say whatever they feel to make it absolutely perfect.

 What Style of Wedding Ring to Choose


Popular Styles and Wedding Ring Trends  

The wonderful thing about wedding rings is that they don’t go out of fashion. Of course, styles vary slightly depending on jewellery trends, however it is extremely rare to find a ring that people would class at ‘outdated’. Wedding rings are personal to the couple and what they want to wear every day for the rest of their lives together, which in itself, makes the piece timeless.


Popular materials at the moment are white metals:

Platinum is rather expensive, but a very popular choice. Why? It’s a robust material that requires little maintenance and has a stunning finish.

Palladium is a cheaper alternative to platinum and is great for men. Cosmetically the same as its higher priced brother, but can often be half the cost!

White gold is also a popular choice, however requires more maintenance over the years. The colour is slowly lost and a tinge of gold will eventually begin to appear. Of course, jewellers welcome you to visit and will gladly keep your ring polished and looking as good as new. Remember to give both wedding and engagement rings a little polish just before your big day, so that they’re ready to dazzle in all of your photographs!


Gents often sway towards the plain, traditional look, whereas ladies nowadays tend to choose diamond-set wedding bands. This style complements the engagement ring beautifully and create a strong impression on the finger. Another fantastic thing about diamond bands is that is compensates for many occasions in which you cannot wear an engagement ring, such as on holiday and in some places of work. Providing the diamond is flush-set, your wedding ring can be very practical to wear and adds more sparkle than a plain band.

 Platinum, Palladium or White Gold Wedding Ring

What should you expect to pay for a wedding ring?

It’s difficult to put a figure on how much a couple should expect to pay for their wedding rings. An average price is around £850 for the pair, but can drastically vary depending upon the material, the jeweller and the style. Men often go for a plain band, which are far less expensive. This is great news for their partners, as they can then afford to choose something a little more lavish for themselves!


Bespoke Jewellery

There has been a large increase in demand for bespoke jewellery and a bespoke service to go alongside it! Many fine jewellers, such as Steven Charles Quance, have amended their services over the years to offer these memorable, tailored experiences. A lot of people wish to include their ideas in the piece. After all – they have to live with it! A bespoke piece of jewellery does not necessarily mean a catwalk-worthy, elaborate statement ring. It just means that people can put their own stamp on it in one way or another, which adds to that special moment in our lives.


Finding a Reputable Jeweller

There is no better referral than the word of mouth. Go by what friends, family and colleagues have experienced themselves. The internet can sometimes be seen as faceless and retail can be too ‘in your face’, so make sure to put some serious time and thought into making such a personal purchase decision. It is important to go with a jeweller than does not force their opinion upon you, but offers suggestion to help create what the couples envision. If you feel relaxed and comfortable with the person in front of you, it is a sign that you’ve found the right person for the job. Remember – these rings are with you for a lifetime. As mentioned above, bespoke experiences are on the increase. Look out for a jeweller who can be flexible in their approach, so that you are completely comfortable during the decision making process. Some jewellers are even willing to bring samples along with them to home visits if that is better for the couple!


A little more about Steven Charles Quance:

Steven Charles Quance is a UK based, fine jeweller with over 28 years’ experience in the industry. After opening 3 shops, Steven decided to take his service to a new level by incorporating a personal approach to jewellery making. By offering one-to-one experiences in either S.C.Quance’s private office or in the comfort of a venue of the couple’s choice allows the clients to relax and indulge in this memorable and personal moment. Having that singular person dealing with the ring gives greater control over the process, which is a huge benefit for the couple.


“My wedding day was the greatest day of my life (well, second to the birth of my children!). I knew that to be involved in others special day was a privilege. Dealing with happy couples on a daily basis who are excited to be planning this monumental occasion is what makes my job worthwhile. I love sharing those moments with them and I do not ever take this for granted. It is important for me to make people feel important. From the wax modelling to the last-minute polishing, it’s all a part of the service.  It’s not about the sale, it’s about combining my knowledge and skills with their own ideas to create something that they will proudly wear for years to come and I really take pleasure in that. It’s a privilege, it really is.”

To find out a little more about Steven Charles Quance and his services, please click here. 

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