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Winter Weddings – By the Bride

24th January 2016


Deciding upon the date

I have always imagined having a spring or summer wedding, until my partner and I got talking about how much we love the build up to Christmas and how amazing it could be to get married at that time of year with the festive buzz that is all around.

The venues that we liked the mostly were barns which we thought were also the perfect setting for a cosy, winter wedding.

Why a winter wedding? 

I would strongly recommend a winter wedding. Weddings are obviously special regardless of what month, but for us, celebrating ours during our favourite time of the year gave it that little extra excitement.

Being in the UK, we knew that it was highly likely that the weather would be rainy, which meant the plans we made didn’t have to rely on the weather being good for a summery outside ceremony, because we knew from the start we would need to choose a venue that could keep our guests nice and warm all day long (surprisingly, our wedding day actually turned out to be mild and sunny, but of course still too cold to entertain guests outside!). We loved creating a cosy atmosphere by decorating our venue with plenty of fairy lights and candles.


Fitting the Theme 

After the ceremony we served mulled wine and warm winter Pimms, which went down a treat. For dinner, guests had a choice between roast chicken or beef with all the trimmings.

We filled silver glitter crackers with classic Christmas sweets as favours for each of our guests. The barns were decorated with hundreds of fairy lights and two giant Christmas trees. For the table centre pieces we chose tall champagne glasses filled with flowers and tea lights hung from the foliage.

I made all of the stationery for the tables; adding lots of diamantés and crystal snowflakes. We also had a snow machine for the final songs of the evening, which was magical and the perfect end to the evening. Our string quartet and evening band played lots of festive songs throughout the day too.


Three Top Tips for Brides-to-Be

Tip 1: I’ve heard lots of brides give this piece of advice- don’t sweat the small stuff! I spent many evenings on Pinterest finding lots of ideas I wanted to include to our wedding plans but the price of things add up quickly and so we simplified things in the end and I’m glad that we did.

Tip 2: Have live music if your budget allows you to. We were lucky to have to have a string quartet which was incredible for the ceremony and a live band in the evening which was brilliant fun.

Tip 3: My final tip is to make sure you and your partner spend as much time together on your wedding day. It can be easy to get talking to each of your family and friends and before you know it the day has flown by. Remember the day is about you both so enjoy it together, dance together, socialise together and you’ll have the best memories of your wedding day… together!