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Why You Should Consider and Autumn or Winter Wedding

12th October 2016

While many couples look to tie the knot during the summer months, there are plenty of reasons to consider an autumn or winter wedding.  The weather may be colder and the days shorter, but the comforting colours of autumn and the dramatic landscapes of the winter can create a stunning backdrop to your big day, especially if you choose a venue which makes the most of the seasons.

Good Reasons for an Autumn/Winter Wedding

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that all summer days are sunny and all autumn and winter days gloomy and overcast.  Autumn and winter have their fair share of glorious bright weather, with crisp, clean autumn mornings and sparkling midwinter days having long been the stuff of art and poetry.  For many couples it’s the ‘understated’ beauty of these seasons which brings something magical to the big day. Making use of the seasons’ bounty, the showy bouquets and floral arrangements of the summer are easily replaced by much simpler but equally eye-catching ones, and incorporating autumn colours or the much-loved holly and mistletoe into venue decorations can be a perfect way to celebrate by bringing the outdoors in.

On a more practical note, it’s also worth remembering that setting a date in autumn or winter could benefit the wedding budget and give you a better chance of securing your dream venue.  Competition for dates is fierce over the summer, and prices often naturally increase as a result of that fact.  By choosing to get married over the autumn or winter, you may find more venues available and more within your budget range, meaning you can perhaps spend a little extra on other aspects of the day such as catering or decorations.

Finding the Perfect Winter Wedding Venue

These colder months can provide some truly stunning backdrops to your wedding photographs, with vivid autumnal colours or the wild and wonderful landscapes of winter really adding something special to the scene.  Choosing a venue which will showcase the best of the season is key, so it’s always a good idea to spend some time looking into various venues which combine elegant indoor space with a beautiful outdoor setting.  Researching professional photographers’ images will give you a good idea of how the venue grounds look in each season, helping you to imagine how you can make use of the landscape in your own photographs and how it might be enjoyed by guests.

Beaulieu is a perfect example of this.  With four unique venues set amid the natural beauty of the New Forest, this is the ideal place to enjoy both the warmth and elegance of a unique historic building and the breathtaking parkland outside.  The Domus, in particular, provides an intimate and cosy space for entertaining, and there’s something undeniably comforting about the idea of shutting out the chill as evening sets in and gathering with guests and cocktails around the open log fire.

Set within some of the country’s most exquisite gardens and parkland, Hatfield House is another venue which showcases the seasons to spectacular effect.  Ideal for both smaller gatherings and large-scale receptions, the sumptuous interiors of the Old Palace are marvellously offset by the rolling landscapes of the deer park and the house’s immaculate grounds.  With the gardens in bloom all year round, there are plenty of opportunities to appreciate and capture the glory of autumn and the glittering crispness of a winter’s day. If you’re lucky enough to get a dusting of snow to really give you a white wedding, then so much the better

For more information about these or any of the other stunning venues available through Elegant Wedding Venues, simply get in touch today to arrange a visit or set a date for your autumn or winter wedding.

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