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What wedding dress will suit my body shape?

30th March 2016

Choosing a wedding dress is like choosing a dress for any occasion. You have to consider what length you feel comfortable in, think about what usually complements your body shape, and of course, emphasise your best assets! The only difference from this occasion is that all eyes will be on you and the dress that you choose.

Pressure? Don’t sweat it. This month we’ve teamed up with the fabulous ‘Go Bridal’ – bridal shop based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to bring you the low down on what style of dress will make you feel like a superstar as you take those monumental steps down the aisle.  We speak to Laura, Go Bridal manager, to find out more.

Fishtale or Mermaid Wedding Dress

Hour glass figure:

Bust and hips are basically the same and the waist is well defined.

What to try: Although a body shape which suits just about anything, there are still certain styles which will show off your shape more than others. A mermaid gown will really show off your fab figure from top to bottom whether it is strapless or high necked. If you want something with a fuller skirt try an A-line gown with a dropped waist as this will still show off your lovely figure without swamping you. Avoid Empire lines as this will hide your shape and won’t emphasise your waist.


Bridal Ball Gown


Pear shape:

Hips are larger than the bust and the waist gradually sloped out to the hips.

What to try:  If your hips are something you are conscious of, try an A- line or a ball gown style dress – this will hide your hips and emphasise your great little waist. If you don’t want anything too full at the bottom, try an empire line gown. This will have the same affect without having to have a full skirt. Try to avoid mermaid style gowns as this will place further emphasis on your hips.


V-Neck Wedding Dress

Upside down pear:

Your bust and upper body are larger than the hips and the waist is the smallest part.

What to try: Open V-necks with straps can soften broad shoulders. Avoid really heavy straps which cover up a lot of your neck and shoulders as this will draw attention to this area and can make you appear ‘top-heavy’ as can halter necks. Dresses with fuller skirts, whether that’s A-line, princess or a short dress, hides narrow hips which can give the illusion of wider hips making your figure more in proportion.


Corset back Wedding dress

Apple shape:

Full bust and a rounder bottom and hips with a thick waist and a bit of a tummy.

What to try: If you feel self conscious about your curves and want to define your waist as best as possible try a gown which has a corset back, this will allow you to really pull the dress in through the waist creating more of an hour glass shape. Something with ruched detail across the front of the dress can be really flattering for apple shapes as they create the illusion of a smaller waist. Avoid mermaid styles as this will emphasise your middle.


Slim figure wedding dress style

Straight body type:

Bust and hips are roughly the same size. The waist is not well defined.

What to try: Another shape which can pull of most styles although some will compliment you more than others. Dresses with a wide belt feature will give the illusion of a narrower waist. Boat-neck dresses will lengthen your shoulders, again contributing to the illusion of a narrower waist and they really do compliment slim-line figures. A sheath style gown really suits this shape as it drapes over the hips as opposed to really clinging to them which will look beautiful with your slender figure.


Wedding dress for petite figure

Petite: Under 5″2

What to try: Dresses which aren’t broken up by a belt or a ‘bodice and skirt illusion’ are best, simple dresses which flow from top to bottom will elongate you.

Avoid princess style dresses as petite girls can look a little lost in these.


Dropped waist wedding dress - suits tall figures

Tall: Over 5″9

What to try: Your height shouldn’t affect what you can and can’t have too much. We would only suggest avoiding empire line gowns since this will make your top half appear very short in comparison to your bottom half which can make you look disproportionate.


Remember, these are just tips and guidelines. A bride should always go for the dress that she loves and that she feels comfortable in!


Go Bridal shop

About Go Bridal

Go Bridal was first opened in 2000 following the success of its sister shop ‘The Pantiles Bride’ which opened in 1997.
Our aim is to offer brides beautiful, stylish wedding gowns at an affordable price whilst still providing a first-class service.

We have a beautiful collection of dresses from some of the UK’s leading designers which start at £795. As well as our sample room where gowns start at £200 and our bridesmaid dresses which start at £150.

We understand how important this experience is for brides-to-be and we want to help make it as special for them as we can. Our philosophy is that we treat our brides as if they were a guest in our own home. We want brides to feel relaxed and looked after in their one-to-one appointment, which will take place in their own private fitting room with their dedicated consultant.

All of the team here at Go Bridal truly want to help each bride that comes through the door; finding  styles, providing them with great, professional advice and even pouring them a glass of wine or making them a cup of tea! We aren’t happy unless the bride and her guests leave the shop feeling relaxed, happy and confident.

To find out more about Go Bridal and the beautiful service that they offer visit http://gobridal.com/


Bridal dress shop in Tunbridge Wells

Laura, Manager of Go Bridal in Tunbridge Wells