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19th March 2015

Every bride and groom wants to experience the height of luxury on their wedding day, but what does that actually mean?

According to The Oxford Dictionary, the definition of luxurious is ‘extremely comfortable or elegant, especially when involving great expense’. No, we’re still not sure either. Many wedding venues refer to themselves as luxury, but what should you actually expect and look for?


The venue itself

The venue itself, you cannot have a luxury wedding without a stunning venue. You need somewhere that creates that ‘wow’ factor after every visit and really stands out. Castles and stately homes are known for their luxury standards and being in every little girls dream wedding.



What is luxury without fine dining? Just as the venue gives you a sight to behold, the food should give your taste buds, the best day of their lives. You and your guests should be treated to the highest quality ingredients, that are cooked to perfection. Always have a tasting before booking caterers, so you are sure of the quality of food you will be receiving on your big day.



Luxury is having everyone at the venue working together, to give you the best time you can possibly have. If every member of staff is friendly, warm and approachable, it makes both you and your guests feel special. Any luxury wedding venue should have caring people on hand; to cater to your every need.


At the end of the day, luxury is about your dream wedding. Every aspect of your day should be perfect. That’s what a luxury venue guarantees you – a location with austerity, a truly romantic atmosphere and a wonderful experience for all involved.