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1st February 2015

We talk to our Elegant Wedding Venues across the UK to get and idea for the top 2015 Wedding Trends, wedding style trends and wedding theming trends in 2015.

2015 Wedding Trends

The trend at this time of year is to look at top trends. It’s always a bit of fun, so let’s go with it. But rather than scouring the internet and re-hashing a collection of other people’s predictions, I thought we might as well ask the people who are in the know…

So of course I asked our great teams at our Elegant Wedding Venues to let me know what they thought would be ‘big’ and what their customers were asking for in 2015.

And, you’d be right to think that there is a good deal of overlap between what is on trend, but I guess that’s what trends are all about.

So here are Elegant Wedding Venues trends to look out for in 2015…


Alice Sibley, Wedding Sales Manager at Hatfield House highlights that the overarching trend this year “certainly looks to be for a much more dramatic feel, using atmospheric décor and lighting and creating a sense of drama.”

This is reflected by Kelly Hawkins-Farr from Grove House who reflects that many weddings this year will take inspiration from “Princess Kate and Downton Abbey”

Kelly also highlights two style of wedding that will become popular in 2015. The first is Victorian afternoon tea and garden parties. This pretty and quite relaxed style (but done with great attention to detail will see tables with vintage lace cloths, garland runners, bunting, glass jars and natural styled floral centre pieces and to this style. And the perfect accompaniment? Homemade scones and jam at each table.

The second style will be “Formal Elegance” with a grand feel created by the use of formal silver table settings, butler service, candelabra centrepieces, lavish fabrics and formal floral arrangements and dramatic cakes. Champagne glass fountains will add a dramatic, and again, lavish, touch whilst the bride will of course want to arrive in an old fashioned bridal car.

Rosie Kazakova from Dartmouth House believes that cakes will be BIG and DRAMATIC in 2015. “Cakes are a fantastic way to add a real wow factor to a wedding. Not only do they look great, but they make for really great ‘cake cutting’ photos. I’ve seen a few were you wonder how they still stay upright!”
It seems the vintage look is really in as Rosie also suggests that lace will be seen at a lot of weddings in 2015, used in dresses, bunting, favours and table settings!

Other styles include “Modern minimalism” with sophisticated romantic bold red/yellow with a variety of shades of white or ivory. Straight lined furniture, white cloths, square dining tables, clear chairs, minimal place settings (a fish bowl of Lemons with long grass swirled around inside for example) and modern floral arrangements will provide the cornerstones of this wedding style.

Alice also point out that the trend is for a vintage style look in décor will be carried through with the use of “candlelight and copper hues” to create a dramatic and atmospheric effect. One of the most eye catching finishing touches she highlights is Bride and Grooms will be declaring their love in lights and signage.


Colour is definitely not about being bold in 2015. Muted softer pastel and coral colours reflecting the vintage approach are the order of the day. Blue will be big in all shades such as Aquamarine, Midnight Blue, Perri winkle and Corn Flower to name just a few. Other colours to look out for are aqua, coral, mint, turquoise and peach.

A softer pastel and vintage approach is set for this year, bouquets are very soft whilst roses look to continue to be a brides favourite flowers such as hydrangeas, hyacinths and orchids are set to take centre stage.


The trend is for a vintage style look in décor with candlelight and copper hues looking to prove popular this year creating a more dramatic and atmospheric effect. Bride and Grooms will be declaring their love in lights and signage.

Homemade favours and decorations continue to be popular such as Fir Cones and wooden pegs as name place card holders. As Hawkins-Farr says “Cute yet classy little touches to your décor can include making your guest book a little different and personalised and place cards with a natural summer theme.



Bespoke candles can also add a personalised touch to create minimal stylish décor and a hint of floral warmth. They can also be used as wedding favours for your guests as a memory of your special day.

Large bold light up letters are recommended by Sibley at Hatfield House as a “really great way to have a bit of fun and they also make a great picture opportunity!”

Sam Gray, Sales Manager at Beaulieu says that this year food has moved on. Dessert stations will see mini desserts instead of served desserts at the table as a style and taste choice! Ice Cream Bikes add some fun and fulfilment during the drinks reception and are perfect for summer weddings. “We have two Bikes at Beaulieu. They are incredibly popular.

For those late night munchies, Gray says “hog roasts which were popular are being replaced by ‘pulled Pork baguettes with homemade slaw’ for a nicely filling end to a night!”