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Intimate Wedding Venues
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Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Venue

26th September 2016

Few choices you make when it comes to planning your wedding day are quite as momentous as picking the right venue says Rebecca White, Sales Manager at Weston Park.

As a newly engaged couple, this is probably one of the first decisions you will have to make and it will have a big influence over all other aspects of the event, from the overall budget and number of guests, right down to the finer details such as the table decorations and floral arrangements.

Find your dream venue and everything else will fall into place and make for a truly special big day. Try to cut corners and you may well regret a rushed or badly thought through decision, so take your time and heed this advice if you want to find the perfect venue for your big day.

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Things to Consider When Looking for Venues

The first thing you and your partner will need to think about is how much you’re willing and able to spend on a venue. Setting a budget and knowing where your upper limit lies will not only give you some idea of the sorts of places you should start researching, but may avoid heartache further down the line if you fall in love with a venue which is simply too far out of your price range. Many venues offer excellent packages to help you keep better control of your budget, so start to keep an eye out for the most comprehensive and attractive offers.

Another early consideration should be the length of your guest list, as capacity can vary greatly from venue to venue. Big country house receptions can easily accommodate large numbers of friends and family, but if you want something a little more intimate then start looking into smaller, perhaps more unusual venues. At this point it is a good idea to either set up a spreadsheet or download a free wedding planner template to help you keep track of the venues you’ve researched, your budget and guest list.

Take some time to consider how a venue will fit around other elements of the day which matter to you, especially if you have a particular style in mind.  Fairytale weddings in elegant country hotels aren’t to everyone’s taste, nor are informal gatherings or ‘themed’ weddings.  You have to be confident that your ideal venue can be shaped around your personal preferences and vision for the big day, so have a mental picture prepared in advance.


Next Steps

Before you invest time and energy in visiting your shortlist of venues, have a quick look at the images uploaded to professional photographers’ blogs to see how the venue photographs and what it’s really like ‘in context’.  You want to be confident that the professional pictures you have taken on the day will live up to your expectations, because nobody wants to look back on their wedding photos and feel disappointed.

As popular venues can often be fully booked, setting a date and ringing around to check availability should be the next step on your agenda. Once you’ve seen the venue and know it’s the one for you, make sure you reserve your date as far in advance as you can.

With some of the most unique, inspiring and unusual venues gathered in one easy to search place, Elegant Wedding Venues can help you find the perfect venue wherever you plan to get married, giving you the widest selection of stunning backdrops for the special occasion. Providing expert advice and practical guidance, we can help you find your dream venue and the ideal wedding package to suit you and your vision for the big day.

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