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16th November 2014

Thank you for visiting our new site, and for reading our new blog “Elegant Inspiration”.  For our first post, we thought we’d bring to your attention our really useful (I think) free wedding planning spreadsheet.

The one thing all weddings have in common is that they need to be paid for by somebody. But whether you’re lucky enough to have full or partial support from your parents or you are footing the bill yourself, our top tip to keep disagreements, arguments and stress to a minimum – plan your budget and track your spend!

That’s why we created the wedding planner. In fairness, I created it for myself when I was planning my own wedding. Having looked for something free online, I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t incredibly simple or incredibly complicated. One of our (me and my wife’s) biggest decisions was to pay for our wedding before the big day – no credit cards debt for us – it was a personal choice. But it meant that we had to budget and then track our spend, keep a close eye on the guest list, compare suppliers against each other and make some tough calls! We still used a credit card to pay for things of course, but only for the ease and security. Our budget planner helped to put it all in perspective and helped us to decide what was important to us, as well as helping us ensure that we could actually pay for everything we wanted.

So I present to you, the Elegant Wedding Venues, wedding budget planner. Please do feel free to take a look. It’s totally free, so you can use it and adapt it to suit your needs, or not use it at all. If it just makes one person’s wedding planning that little bit easier and that little bit less stressful, then I’ll be happy!


Elegant Wedding Venues