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23rd December 2014

It’s your wedding day, your special day, months of planning has gone into making it perfect, an everlasting memory for the pair of you. However it may be your big day but you have invited friends and family to share it with you, and as they are important to you it’s vital that they enjoy themselves.


Invitation confusion can cause problems for the guest, bride and groom; guests may bring unwanted plus ones that add to the wedding party number. Avoid confusion by writing the names of the guests you want to invite on the response card and having them tick off a ‘will attend’ or ‘will not attend’.


Seating is something that guests will certainly remember, you need to make sure there is enough space for your guests to sit and eat comfortably, because no one wants to be elbowed throughout their meal. All our venues offer spacious rooms for any size wedding, to ensure that guests are sat comfortably. Wedding venues such as Beaulieu andHatfield House can offer acres of space in the summer months with their vast gardens – no space issues there.


Your guests will remember if the food was good or not, therefore it’s essential that make sure that the food is exceptional and that everybody is catered for. Payne + Gunter provide event catering. They pride themselves on offering exquisite food which has been carefully designed in line with current market trends and with underlying emphasis on maintaining their ethos of providing excellent British food with a twist. Moreover don’t make your guests wait for hours for food otherwise they won’t appreciate it, if there is going to be a wait between the ceremony and reception ensures that light refreshments are available.


Music is also another important feature; your guests will not appreciate being sat behind the speakers during dinner with music blearing out as they will not be able to hear each other. Turn up the volume when necessary and don’t sit any elderly guests near the speakers. Conversely, nothing is more awkward than being at a wedding where no one wants to get up and dance. Put on some good tunes and dance the night away.

At the end of the day your guests want to feel wanted and welcome, by ensuring they are looked after with good food, drink, entertainment and a thank you for coming they will enjoy your big day as much as you do.