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THE Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017
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Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017 – PART 1

1st December 2016

As with everything in life, weddings are subject to fads and fashions which come and go.  For couples who have set a date in 2017, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the latest wedding trends and do a little forward planning to ensure your big day is on style yet still unique to you.  Here to give you some inspiration is the first in our two part look at some of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2017.

Finding a Dress to Impress

2017 looks set to be the year of the plunging neckline and off-the shoulder wedding dress, with many of the top designers whose collections have graced the catwalks in recent months choosing much more daring cuts and silhouettes.  Designers Sachin and Babi have a number of daring necklines and off-the-shoulder gowns in their 2017 Fall/Winter collection, as do Oscar de la Renta and Galia Lahav.

While designer label gowns may well be beyond the budgets of the majority, the styles inevitably filter through into the wedding dresses of our local boutiques and specialist bridal stores.  Whether you’re going down the route of off-the-peg or tailor-made, for those looking to tie the knot in 2017 this is the ideal time to approach the dressmaker of your choice and see how the catwalk wedding dresses are making their way onto their rails.

Most dressmakers will advise you that the dress you choose should be influenced to a large degree by your venue, as what may suit a modern venue may not seem so fitting in a more historic, period one.  For those opting for something as elegant, romantic and daring as an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, an equally dramatic venue is probably called for.  Photos in front of the grand fireplaces of Grove House or in the opulent state rooms of Hampton Court Palace seem ideally suited to the bold cut of the dresses currently on trend for 2017, both giving you the chance to make a statement on your wedding day.

The Hand-Made Invitation

Formal save-the date cards and wedding invitations have fallen by the wayside in recent years, and the trend looks set to continue into 2017.  As the entire nation has tightened its belt since the recession, the rise of the hand-made and ‘upcycled’ has found favour in the collective conscience and had a big influence on the way we style everything.  Where once a couple might have had their wedding invitations professionally printed on expensive stationery, the DIY invitation is definitely becoming a more popular (and cost-effective) option.

Hand-made invitations can be a great creative outlet.  There is something much more personal and intimate about a hand-written or clearly home printed message, and invitations created from recycled card or even written on the back of a very retro Polaroid photo of the happy couple can be a great alternative to the traditional invite.

The Alternative Wedding Cake

While the Great British Bake Off may have turned us into a nation of cake fanatics and aspiring bakers, another trend which has been gaining in popularity as we enter 2017 has been the ‘alternative’ wedding cake.  Where once the multi-tiered, white iced confection would have been the go-to centrepiece for the wedding reception, venues and catering firms are now seeing growing interest in unusual or themed alternatives.

One big trend which has been gaining in popularity and looks set to remain a firm favourite next year is for ‘metallic’ cakes, where edible gold or silver icing is applied, or a thin layer of edible glitter.  These work particularly well for weddings with a vintage element to them or for those taking place in very elegant, lavish venues, as many metallic cakes feature incredibly ornate lacework icing which gives a modern twist to a timeless, traditional classic.

Some couples are even choosing to abandon the wedding cake altogether in favour of a dessert table after the sit down meal, giving guests the chance to help themselves buffet-style to various cupcakes, fancy biscuits, chocolate-coated fruits and ice creams.  Even more unusually, expect to see ever greater numbers turning to a savoury alternative and opting for a ‘cheese cake’, where wheels of various cheeses are stacked in imitation of the traditional wedding cake.  Both these alternatives can be a great way to round of a wedding meal, allowing for a much more relaxed atmosphere to develop as people ease themselves into the evening entertainment after the more formal side to the day.

However long these things stay on trend, there are certain wedding venues which will never lose the timeless quality all couples want for their big day.  A venue which looks after you, photographs well and does justice to the uniqueness of your wedding is key, and with a fantastic selection of venues available, Elegant Wedding Venues are ideally placed to help you find the perfect place to celebrate in style.  Explore the range of venues we have available, and keep an eye open for the second part of our look at wedding trends for 2017.